It's another venture of Shri Maheshwari Samaj Jaipur for old age people.

KrishanDham Vradhashram Foundation stone was placed on Oct 22, 2004, and after creating every foundation and masterpiece we need a few members who can maintain the assets. For the same, The Samaj has an organized Committee to maintain the decorum of the place.

These Committee members are also elected by every third year with samaj elections. The Committee members are responsible for the maintenance as well as the new development of the building. they are required to inspect the building and new requirements from time to time and initiate a process to fulfill the requirements. The further list of members is the current Karya Karini of Krishan Dham Vridhyshram Management Committee.

Management Committee (2019-22) members are :

President: Shri Pradeep Baheti

Maha Mantri -  Shri Gopal Lal Malpani

Copulative: Shri Malchand Baheti (Senior Citizen Relation & wellness) - 9829461340

Members: Pradeep Loiwal, Rajeev Loiwal, Nikita Loiwal, Ashok Kumar Khatod, Brijesh Modani, Ghanshyam Das Mundra, Vinod Kumar Totla

Honourable Members : Radha Vallabh Ajmera (Treasure), Ballabh Maroo (Bhavan Mantri) 

P-10-A, Sector 2, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Contact : 0141-2230389

Contact for Donations: Shri Maalchand Baheti 9829461340