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Demat and Trading Account with Upstox

If you are thinking about wealth creation then you must read this further.

First of all What is wealth? Many of you may think that Earning well is being wealthy. If you also think the same then you are wrong. My dear friends, Wealth means the money which goes to the Next Generation(s) and of course once you are satisfied with your lifestyle and the earnings enough then only you will start thinking about the generations, I am sure not before that. Right?

So back to the point how to achieve this? Well, This does not guarantee becoming wealthy but Most examples we have who become wealthy by this way. Yes, STOCK and SHARE MARKET. Start investing in your value stock and become a PARTNER of that company. When you purchase some shares in any company you become a shareholder of the company.

What to do to become a shareholder/Partner of any company?


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It starts with a DEMAT and TRADING account only. and you know, it's Free. You can open your Demat and Trading account for Free with me in Upstox. Upstox is a recently growing brand in Demat and trading, it provides you an interactive web and Android/iOS App for easy investing, Tracking the performance of your valuable asset.

What we offer in Upstox :

  • Fast & hassle-free way to open an account!
  • FREE Demat and Trading account lifetime.
  • Trade brokerage as the lowest i.e. Rs 20 Per Order.
  • Free Delivery Orders, means no brokerage on the delivery order.
  • Exciting upfront margins up to 15x for future order
  • Interactive web and APP platform for trading.
  • Exciting cashback on your first trade (Up to Rs. 100)
  • and most importantly: NO HIDDEN CHARGES



Document Checklist :

  • AADHAR CARD (Make sure you have an active linked mobile number)
  • Make sure the Name on every document should match.
  • If you want to Activate FNO and MCX then Bank statements for the last 6 months / Latest ITR / Form 16. You can always Activate this later.


If you already have Demat and a trading account and suffering from high brokerage charges then switch to upstox immediate. why does the brokerage firm drain your hard earn money in high charges? All holdings will be transferred to your new account and Now you can view your portfolio on an interactive web app anywhere at any time.

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