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Here, In this "Testimonials" Section you will be able to see the words of experts. A few words about the website, a few words about the Maheshwari samaj. Their view about the Maheshwari samaj. What they want from the samaj. and you will blessed with their precious words of blessings.

Feeling great after going through themaheshwari.com

I feel great today after going through the website of OUR SAMAJ.The Maheshwari Samaj was such a mystery for me that I was willing to know more and more about it.Wearing only saree and having fast on such and such days ,were the only parameters for me ,to be a  Maheshwari Woman.Your website told me the exact meaning of  Maheshwari  and also why they are special in them.Needless to say ,I recognized and felt deeply the true business sense of a Maheshwari and this is what my husband is having.Earlier I was supporting him as a wife and now I feel  Lord Shiva HIMSELF wants this ,from him.

The history written here is really appreciable. I came to know about the rich and appealing heritage of Samaj. Since we tied the knot with our choices, I was never welcomed by the in-laws. I was humiliated and was never given a family member status. But I realised that it is the people`s mind set only and it has nothing to do with all maheshwaris.
I remember the day when Mr. Sony came at Hisar and in the absence of my husband I was doing his job to enroll the people at Maheshwari Samaj, Hisar then ,one problem , among the other evils, was raised and that was, intercaste marriage. I welled up in tears. I stood up, hold my chin up and started sharing politely, "I can be a great help to move Samaj ahead, why intercaste marriage be considered as an evil. I love samaj people  like anything, we are always there to do any sort of responsibility,''. Though my words were bolt from the blue still he gave ears  to them. No doubt, at that time I was a clean slate and high in animal spirit but I kept me always above board . Mr. Sony covered a lot of ground about intercaste marriages and at the eleventh hour, I was offered to lead the women wing of Maheshwari Samaj in North Region which I denied as I was a fresh water sailor. Morover my gloomy day became a gala day.
The Kuldevis which are shown there are good enough to know, better, if a small history of, why they are worshipped, be introduced.
Contribution of individuals in Maheshwari towards education and in other industries inspired me. It is collective efforts to take country towards Developed India and Maheshwaris are doing their maximum. I felt so high.
Role of women is limited to wearing and fasting as I  guessed it in start. Please make us aware some great maheshwari women who had come in light for any special cause with their yeoman`s service. Let us feel proud for those legends.
Please have a look on the small work, a simple house wife has done, to make Maheshwaris proud.
Thanks for creating such a peerless site and putting a plateform to share views.
President "Asmita"

An appreciable and innovative work

After viewing this website i surly surprised that this also can be a good involvement by a person. This is very good approach to show your work to everyone to the world. Maheshwari Samaj, Jaipur wish Mr. Govind good luck and thanks for this work. Now everyone from Maheshwari community will be updated with Samaj events.

About News and Events section

After reading news and events section we are happy that we are spreading our samaj activities and all other related activities to all maheshwari communities (in All india). a comment (user views) section will be an extra advantage to this.

Waiting for gallery section

Maheshwari samaj, Jaipur will waiting for Events Gallery section of this website. So that peoples outside of the Jaipur can have a look over their events and may add their comments and compliments with the picture. After visiting whole website we miss the Gallery section.