Mahesh Marriage Bureau - Privacy features

A very First and unique kind of service for al maheshwaries for matrimonial. Now no need to waste a single piece of paper and meet your soul mate. Search for your relatives, Children. 

Our aim to make this all ONLINE so that we do not have to pay a fee next year for a matrimonial booklet advertisement. The idea becomes in my mind when i was filling my form for matrimonial advertisement. It was really bad experience for me to fill a form in todays IT world. So i decided to give a facility to Maheshwari Samaj for this small work. In the booklet you can not have a search functionality. and after some time the data published in the book will expire like some of them get engaged. Many of this website's features are similor to Booklet published by Shri Maheshwari samaj, . But as usual your suggestions are important to us.

Our unique privacy features which makes this service very different. We concern about your information privacy. We also want to prevent your information secure.

1. Your all information us secure un till you don't want to share it with anyone.

2. In System your information secure in encrypted format.

3. After your permission we, Using system generated emails, share your information with the only one to whom you want to share.

4. This information contains about your basic information like your Birth detail, About your profession, about your contact information as well.

5. We mostly use your login ID as a communication email.

6. Your profile automatically suspended after 6 months of unused state. This is because we don't want to waste your time as well as our user's time to search a in appropriate data. Many time we feel that after a search of proper bride/groom when you want to contact them many of them are already married.

7. We added Manglik feature as a priority because these days horoscope match in mainly required feature. This will reduce your effort to call OR contact them and after this much headache you come o know that Bride/Groom is not Manglik Or they don't want a horoscope match Or they have highest priority for a horoscope match.

8. do not guarantee about the information provided by user's on this portal. We can not manage this much of data at this time.

9. We will include human Match Makers to provide you a better match.

10. Many  more features yet to come. Till take benefits of this service.


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