Employment Exchange Program

Yes, You have read this right, This is a new initiative by SHri Maheshwari Samaj Jaipur for Jobs and Employment, In this new age where most of Maheshwari young generation is doing jobs for others and hence leave the Jaipur because of employment issue, So by this initiative Samaj officials trying their best to provide you the jobs.

As we all know the Maheshwaries are built for the Business but due to some circumstances some of us doing jobs so why not do jobs for Our Samaj It self. There are so many advantages of this program one of them is the nest generation, youth will stay close to Family and Samaj.

You just have to Provide the attached form to the Samaj Officials along with your resume and Samaj Officials will circulate your resume in samaj according to jobs requirement.

Overall, you are still free to make your decision for your job.

Send your form : mexjpr[AT]gmail[DOT]com or you can

whatsapp also : 8619530451