Brief summery of events happening in jaipur under Shri Maheshwari samaj jaipur. Although these events are regurlarly posted in Maheshwari Patrika every month but the Members who are connected to Jaipur Samaj can read those here. I have tried to post them as it is but you can find the human error some places.

Please ignore the errors and report me the errors so that i can correct them.

Members directory has been launched


Jai shree krishna to all,

We are, pleased to announce that we have recently launched our new members section. you can see a link over header, the top most menu bar named "Members".

It will take to you to the members directory where you can :

Family Tree

A family tree

Many of from our's genreation getting confuse to remember the hierarchy of the family for example it is really critical to remember  my father's grand father and maternal grandfather.

Akhil Bhartiya Maheshwari Mahasabha Meeting

Akhil Bhartiya Maheshwari Mahasabha had a meeting at Jaipur last Month. Maheshwari Samaj Jaipur also hosted them at Utsav. In order to share the working of Jaipur Samaj, I prepared a Presentation

About members search

Members search, yes here you can search about all connected family members and can view their details like birthdays etc.

You also can search for blood group in case of any emergency, so it will be help full to you at the time of emergency.

Find their address and contact details at a single click. and many more...


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Fag Utsav on March 07, 2012 at MPS Tilak Nagar by Shri Maheshwari Samaj, Jaipur | Attending?

* yes, I am Attanding. * No, I cant. But i will miss it. * May be.

108 awards distributed in award distribution ceremony.

Shri Maheshwari samaj, Jaipur celebrated 87th annual function on Jan 30, 2012 at MGPS, Jaipur. In this function 88 talented peoples awarded by gold madel for their special achievment. and 20 participent awaarded by cash prize.

Secretary's words for Samaj Elections

Finally! The Maheshwari Samaj Jaipur is again going for election on 1 April,12 for its new term 2012-2015.

What you think which group will win? Your vote will be safe.

* Shri Bajrang Jakhotiya Group * Shri Om Prakash Dargar Group

Election venue details for 2012-2015 session

Jai shree Krishna to all,

As you all knows about the elections to be held on April 1st, 2012 for Three year session 2012-2015. Please check the details for voting booth with respect to your Zone.

Zone 1 : Maheshwari Balika Vidhyalay, Singhi ji ka rasta, Chaura rasta, Jaipur

Zone 2 : Maheshwari Girls Public School (MGPS), Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur

Memories of "Fag Utsav - 2012" by Shri Maheshwari Samaj, Jaipur

Hello all,

I pleased to inform you about Holi Utsav held by Shri Maheshwari samaj, Jaipur on March 07, 2012 at MPS, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur. Many of Great performances by a group invited from Shri Govind Dev ji tample. Different kind of Bhajan's and dances. Peoples enjoyed a lot the function.

Guidelines for Samaj Elections by Election commission officer

Jai Shree Krishna to all..

We are please to announce the election dates for the session 2012 - 2015 and request to all members to vote honestly.

Here, below, are some guide lines to ensure your vote.

Election voting for the new leader

Jai shree Krishna to all,

As you all know about the elections and voting. and also all of us had vote today for a new leader for session 2012-2015. 

Hearty Congratulation to Our new President Mr Om Prakash Dargar

Jai Shree krishna to all,

As you all very eager to know that who is our new president for the session 2012-2015. yes the results has been decleared for this election. And public choose Mr. Om Prakash Dargar as their new President. Summery for the all seats will be published soon.

The Winning summery

Jai shri Krishna to all,

We are glad to inform you about our new president of Shri Maheshwari Samaj, Jaipur  for session 2012-2015 is Mr. Om Prakash Dargar. He wins the Elections by 2505 votes.

Total votes for Mr. Om Prakash Dargar  : 8094

Total votes for Mr. Bajrang Jakhotiya     : 5589

Lets Move ahead with the spirit...

Jai Shri Krishan To all,


I would like to share somthing with all of you. When i see this i feel proud to be a part of this Shri Maheshwari Samaj Jaipur. We all knows about the Elections 2012-2015. and the results are out now.