Brief summery of events happening in jaipur under Shri Maheshwari samaj jaipur. Although these events are regurlarly posted in Maheshwari Patrika every month but the Members who are connected to Jaipur Samaj can read those here. I have tried to post them as it is but you can find the human error some places.

Please ignore the errors and report me the errors so that i can correct them.

Announcement about Mahesh Seva Kosh

It is required for all Senior citizens and Widowed ladies to submit a New form to Samaj Office for the benefits from Mahesh Seva Kosh in FY 2020-2021. Without the new request form Samaj will not be able to process your benefits.

Mahesh Navmi Mahotsav 2020

Jay Mahesh, As all of you know the pendemic situation happening in country due to Covid-19 so we are also responsible to follow the normas of the situation. We are not celebrating the Mahesh Navmi on a Grand level like every Year we did but we will definately celebrate this with the norms.

अनंतकोटी ब्रम्हांडनायक  देवादिदेव योगिराज परब्रम्हा  भक्तप्रतिपालक पार्वतीपतये  श्री महेश भगवान की जय

We, At Shri Maheshwari Samaj, Jaipur have decided to celebrate Maheshwavmi Parv at Home only.

Celebration for completing 75 years of age


Shri Maheshwari samaj, jaipur Organized a ceremony for reverence of honrable Members who completed their 75 Years of age. Lets celebrate with Our respected elders and get blessed.



15th Samuhik Vivah


Chief Guest : Shri Jodhraj ji Ladhha, Businessman and Social Worker From Calcutta

Special Guest : Shri Deenanath ji Noval (Kanpur wale),  Jewellers and Spcial Worker

Nani Bai ro mayro

An Event has been organized by Mahila Parishad, Shree Maheshwari samaj Jaipur on July 31, 2011 at "Utsav". This was a get together of Maheshwari females to celebrate This rainy season. I will update you all with more images and text ASAP. Till then Keep Reading.

Goth and Mahesh Mela


Visit to the place: Origin Of Maheshwaries


Visit to the place "The origin of maheshwaries", lohargal, Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) On this coming Sunday, 07 August, 2011 by bus. A full day outing in a group.

Sambhar Samaj, Jaipur Goth

Sambhar Samaj, Jaipur organizing a goth fastival on Sunday, 21st August, 2011 At Bhagirath Palace, Near JHarkhand mahedev, Queens Road, Jaipur

86th Annual function and award distribution ceremony


86th Annual function of Shri Maheshwari Samaj,, Jaipur and award distribution ceremony will be on Jan 30, 2012 06:00 PM onwards at MGPS auditorium.  To participate kindly contact to Samaj office. The last date to receive applications is Jan 24, 2012.

Election postponed due to impasse in selection of election authority


Maheshwari samaj, Jaipur elections for session 2012-2015 postponed due to impasse in selection of election authority. Firstly it is decided to be held on Jan 22, 2012. But the new dates will be declared soon.

Last date for applying Samaj Membership is extended to Jan 31, 2012


Last date for applying Samaj Membership is extended to Jan 31, 2012. People who full fill their createria to get membership are requested to apply for Samaj Membership before Jan 31, 2012 till 5:00 PM.

Maheshwari samaj, Jaipur: Election date has been announced


Maheshwari samaj, Jaipur has announced his new Election data latest by Sunday, April 1st, 2012.

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