Secretary's words for Samaj Elections

Finally! The Maheshwari Samaj Jaipur is again going for election on 1 April,12 for its new term 2012-2015.

The election Office MR DN Jaju has published an ad in Newspaper for filing the nomination.

The Election Fever is catching Up.

Most of the people are not actively participating in samaj activities due to work & Family pressures. But they should at least spare time to vote and support those, who can give time or who are passionate for contributing to samaj activities in Positive manner.

So again, as usual there are two Groups in the field.

Everyone should evaluate their past experience, their current team strength, their capabilities in terms of bringing in government support in upcoming projects, their capabilities to collect funds, and their capabilities to deliver what they promise for.

Believe me, in the last 3 Years , Jaipur Maheshwari Samaj has undergone a very rapid and turbulent growth. And to continue the momentum, we need to be extra cautious to elect a team which can maintain the Pace. keeping fingers crossed, ....lets watch the show.......I will try to keep updating you all...on interesting developments.

I Hope, my all Maheshwari friends in this group who belongs to other place than Jaipur will also enjoy the Game.


Deepak Sharda


Maheshwari Samaj, Jaipur