Jay Mahesh!

Today there is only about 1.5 million maheshwari’s spread across the globe (of the total world population of more than 7000 million). We are spread across all fields and locations. Our command over business & acumen for service is well known & respected by all. Literacy rate among us is more than 95%. We are modernize in our thoughts but haven’t forgotten our culture and values and thereby, portraits modernism coupled with traditionalism. We have various Maheshwari Mandals and Samities on regional as well as national level. With the coming of Internet age, the world has become very small; communication is no longer a barrier. Connectivity is like never before & overall benefits are incredible. With the view of making these benefits of connectivity available to all the Maheshwari fellows, theMaheshwari.com group was formed.

Zone 2

Copulative : Shri Rakesh Baheti

Co-Copulative : Shri Shashi Saboo, Amit Mundra, Rajendra Rathi, Rahul Jaju.

Members :

Shri Pradeep Phalod, Madhav Bhutra, Mahesh Laddha, Ramavtar Kacholiya

Vishnu Saboo, Shyam Khatod, Yopgesh Baheti, Naveen Khatod

Pawan Khatod, Sanjay Khatod, Rahul Kalani, Gopal Malpani

Manoj Sharda, Ashish Nagori, Ashvini Jethaliya, Maneesh Ajmera

Sharad Laddha, Pradeep Laddha.