Mahesh Navmi Mahotsav 2020

Mahesh Navmi Mahotsav 2020

Jay Mahesh, As all of you know the pendemic situation happening in country due to Covid-19 so we are also responsible to follow the normas of the situation. We are not celebrating the Mahesh Navmi on a Grand level like every Year we did but we will definately celebrate this with the norms.

The program went ahead as follows :

Mr. President has started Aarti of Shri Mahesh Bhagwan and then wish the gretitude to Samaj. Please see the detail speech of Mr. President on Mahesh Navmi Mahotsav-2020

Few members of Karya Karini was presented at the occassion at MPS International, Sandipani Sabhagar. The program has started with Worship of Lord Mahesh.

चरैवेति चरैवेति चरैवेति, शक्त शक्ता: अत्येति।  अंतज्योर्ति अंतरेण न, अमित विक्रम अभिजायते।।
अतीव सूंदर अभ्यसि, अम्भुरूह अति शोभते।  शुचौ: शान्त आनंद अविरल, आत्मयोगात प्रवाहिते।।

On this Ospecious Day Mr. President has requested for Make donations at Mahesh Seva Kosh as Karya Karini Members cant go out to accept donations. He requested to support all the Samaj People by any chance.

Further he added to support Maheshwari Community as Business revival plan introduce by Maheshwri Navyuvak Mandal and assist them full support.

Our Navyuvak Mandal has started in action with a plan and offers a Trade setup To the Maheshwari, By THe Maheshwari and For the Maheshwari which means a lot to the local economy. It will surly help us to rotate the money in business and increase the liquidity. Navyuvak Mandal has introduced a Form for the business owners who want to join this program. In the Program they reuested to Offer special discounts and schemes to Maheshwari People.

If you want to register your business for offers please and fill the form.

Further Mr. Pradeep Baheti (President) added the Efforts of ECMS for the fee consessions for all elegible students. Find the details in the video above.

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