96th Annual Function and Talent show

96th Annual Function and Talent show

Co-Convenor of the Event
Krishan PRakash Malpani, Shiv Parwal, Ashok Falod(Ajeetgarh), Anshul Aagiwal, Abhishek Jhanwar, Abhishek Mandhana, Vikas Noval, Sangeeta Chandak, Rekha Saboo.

Criteria to apply for Talent award Show :

Education Field :

  • 95% or more in CBSE Senior secondary and Secondary and 93% or more in RBSE Senior secondary and Secondary exams.
  • First 3 ranks under Top 20 UGC ranks univercities and colleges Btech, MBBS, MBA, Mtech exams.
  • Name in Merit list of CA CS CMA exams.
  • Degree in PDD, D lit, MD, MS rank with Govt Affiliated colleges  

Sports and Cultureal Activities

  • Top 2 Ranks under sports or cultural activities organised by State Govt, Central Govt, Internationl or National Level.

State service Secotr

  • on Selection in IAS IPS or similor rank Officer.

Politics Sector

  • Selection in Loksabha, Rajya Sabha, Vishan Sabha, Nagar Nigam, Panchayat or Any National leval Organisation

Things to remember :

  • Last date to apply for the Award : Feb 08, 2021
  • Last decision on the award will be safe with selection commeettie.
  • You can use Copy of the form.
  • Download Form https://www.themaheshwari.com/uploads/talent-award-form-2020.pdf
  • Kindly Attach the required document with the form.
  • No Limit on Age.
  • Fill the form attached and submit it to Samaj Office at

MPS International, Third Floor, Tikal Nagar, Jaipur

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